The Orvis Reel Swap: Donate Your Old One and Save $50 on a New Hydros Reel

Hydros Large Arbor Fly Reels offer a lot of performance for the price. . .which you can make a lot lower.
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Last month, we told you about our June promotion: a reel swap to benefit the Trout UnlimitedĀ Headwaters Youth Education Initiative, and here are the details. If you’ve got an old reel that still works well enough for a kid to use, simply mail it to:

Franklin Tate
Trout Unlimited Headwaters
34 Wall St, Suite 804
Asheville, NC 28801

Then log onto the Hydros Reel page, and save half a Franklin on any model you choose. If you’re not sure that the Hydros Reel is the one for you, take a few minutes to read the customer reviews.

Last year’s Orvis Rod Swap put fly rods in the hands of kids across the country.
Photo courtesy TU

We’ve made this Reel Swap as easy as possible for you, so it’s based on the honor system. We trust that, if you’re going to take advantage of the promotion, you’ll uphold your part of the deal. You could help instill a love of fishing in a youngster by providing him or her with equipment they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The Reel Swap expires at midnight on June 30th!

3 thoughts on “The Orvis Reel Swap: Donate Your Old One and Save $50 on a New Hydros Reel”

    1. Hi Matt,

      No, it doesn’t have to be an Orvis reel. Any kind you have will be appreciated by the kids.



  1. Hello. I have an Orvis Mirage IV gold fly reel which I have used only once. It is in pristine condition. I would like to exchange it for a Mirage II or III. Is there is any kind of online forum where I can connect with someone who would like to do a trade? Thank you.

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