The Prince of Tides- Tom Rosenbauer Interviews an Expert on Tides and their Influence on Saltwater Fly Fishing

I’m always confused by the science and physics of tides and how they vary and how they influence fish in salt water. So I went right to the best source I know on all things saltwater related–Dr. Aaron Adams, director of Bonefish Tarpon Trust and one of my favorite fishing buddies. Fishing with him is like fishing with Mr. Wizard (excuse me for dating myself here) and Aaron does not disappoint in our interview. He takes the sceince behind tides and makes it clear and digestible to those of us who just like to fish in salt water. There are some specific tips for fly fishing related to tides as well, and Aaron suggests some ways that fly fishers in particular can use tide predictions to have more success on the water. It was a fun podcast for me as I learned a ton.

In the Fly Box, I answer a listener’s question about how and why tailwater rivers are different and some tips on fishing them.

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