Podcast: The Ultimate Streamer Episode, with Mike Schmidt

This week, I have a long and fascinating interview with Mike Schmidt, designer of such giant trout streamers as the Junk Yard Dog. He gives up his secrets on when to fish a giant streamer (and when not to), what techniques he uses, and also some tips on tying these flies and why he designs them the way he does. I don’t think I have learned so much in a podcast in a long time, and I hope you find it as inspiring and interesting as I did. I am ready to charge out there with some giant streamers right away.

In the Fly Box, we range from catching smallmouth bass in clear lakes to catching stocked trout and channel catfish in Houston, and then we delve into how to get more involved in the fly-fishing industry, whether or not wings are necessary on a dry fly, and much more.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

7 thoughts on “Podcast: The Ultimate Streamer Episode, with Mike Schmidt”

  1. Even though I’m a die-hard Giants fan, I’ve always respected Mike Schmidt’s game. Sure, he’s only a career .267 hitter, but his 548 home runs and 1500+ RBIs, plus ten Gold Gloves make him a pretty special player. A true great.

  2. I have to disagree, and am disappointed with the comment early in the podcast about fishing smallmouth on beds. It’s been shown time and again that removing a bass (even if it is only temporarily) from the nest results in increased predation on the eggs/fry in and around the nest. The only reason those adult fish still hang around the nest after spawning is to protect the eggs/fry, and the only reason they “attack everything” is because anything close to the nest is perceived as a threat.

    I think it’s funny that people commonly advocate fishing bass on beds, but get so twisted up over targeting trout on a redd. What’s the difference?

  3. First off, these podcasts have been extremely helpful; thank you so much. Second I’m a 15 year old wondering if there are many summer jobs in the fly industry. I heard that you tied commercially in high school, is there anyway for me to get involved in that?


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