The Upper Delaware River Needs Our Help!

The trout of the Upper Delaware will test all your angling skills.
All photos courtesy Ty Patton

The Delaware River system is famous for its world-class trout fishing, but with the continued very low water and high air temperatures, things are getting a bit desperate. The long-term weather forecast calls for the same warm trends for the next couple of weeks, which could put the trout in danger. The folks at the Friends of the Upper Delaware are trying to ensure that there’s enough water flowing through the dams to help the trout survive, so they’ve launched a petition to request an immediate water release that will protect the cold water ecosystem of the Upper Delaware Rivers:

Low reservoir releases and extremely low river flows combined with sustained high air temperatures are leading to water temperatures that are now problematic in the Upper Delaware Rivers.

This has essentially shut down most river related economic activity, and is hurting our area badly at the beginning of the summer season.

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