The Visions of an Angling Artist

“Brook Trout in Water.” Acrylic on canvas. 36″ X 18″
Paintings by Sarah Lauridsen

A few years ago, we featured the artwork of Sarah Lauridsen, a Vermonter who is both an avid fly-fisher and artist. Today, out of the blue, she emailed me the brook-trout painting above, which blew me away. This time of year, the brookies are decked out in their spawning finery, and Sarah’s painting nails the colors. As you can see from the paintings below, she’s a master of colors and texture.

To see more of Sarah’s artwork, visit her website.

“tarpon Cheek.” Acrylic on canvas. 30″ X 15″

“Rainbow trout in water.” Acrylic on canvas. 48″ X 24″

Sarah shows off a gorgeous New Zealand brown trout.
Photo via Facebook

4 thoughts on “The Visions of an Angling Artist”

  1. That is an outstandingly beautiful likeness of my favorite fish species, the brook trout. Ms. Lauridsen, you have extremely impressive talent. Please keep it up!

    BTW, have you considered offering prints of your work? There is definitely a trade off between art for the masses and that one-of-a-kind special piece… but that brook trout piece needs to be in a gallery somewhere if not broadly available to schmucks like me.

    Awesome stuff!

  2. Wow, just a great work and a beautiful reminder of the gorgeous fish we did have stocked in waters in Sweden. Nowadays we do not see it very often due to its classification as invasive species. However, it can still be found in few brooks where it escaped before the ban. One reason to the ban is that the Brook trout took over our native stream stationary brown trout habitats thereby hurting some delicate trout remains.
    Great work Sarah, keep it up
    Tight lines, wet nets and all…..

  3. Great Stuff! I love the colors. Have you seen the work of Jack Tarpon? I follow him on instagram and his work is great too. Check him out, maybe the 2 of you could collab? Think he is over the pond in UK though

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