There Are Now 1,000 Videos on The Tug! Check It Out.

Our 1,000th video features some costumes and some killer trout!

Last year, we relaunched the Orvis fly-fishing video theater known as The Tug, complete with a new design, easy navigation, and a user-friendly interface. Yesterday, we posted our 1,000th video (“Right in My Backyard” by Parker Smith) to the site, which makes it one of the more comprehensive places to watch fly-fishing video on the Internet.

Even better, this site is curated, which means that only high-quality videos make the cut. No longer do you have to wade through sub-par productions to find the gems. The Tug is a “gems-only” collection, with the videos broken down into useful categories: Freshwater, Saltwater, Warmwater, Fly Tying, How-To, and Gear.

If you haven’t perused the site lately, revisit and check out all that it has to offer. And since up to 20 new videos are added every week, come back often to check out the newest additions.

Click here to visit The Tug.

This is just the first thousand, of course, with more to come as we continue to add to the site.

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