Video: Through the Woods

Written by: Nate Gunn

[Editor’s Note: Here’s a killer new video from filmmaker Nate Gunn. He offered these thoughts about what went into the planning and the shooting of “Through the Woods.]

This trip really came from a desire to create something that we could all really get behind. We wanted to make a short feature narrative, and we weren’t out to just stand around and film a few guys catching some fish. The project had to feel real and authentic, so naturally having the story revolve around two great anglers, Nate Leavitt and Spencer Higa, made total sense.

We shot this all over east-central Utah, not far from Salt lake. It was mid June and we were chasing good light, so we had some long days—waking up at 3 a.m. and shooting till sundown, then offloading and talking into the night about the next day. In my mind, a good adventure can’t be completely scripted. Some of the best moments happen in between takes so we wanted to make sure we captured it all.

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