Tim Flagler Named 2022 Fly Tyer of the Year

Tim Flagler, deserving award-winner.

Today, Fly Tyer magazine announced that its most prestigious annual award–Fly Tyer of the Year–would go to Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. Editor Dave Klausmeyer wrote:

Over the past few of years, when communicating with this magazine’s readers and contributing authors, one name kept popping up in conversations: Tim Flagler. Everyone admires his work. Tim has taken the fly-tying and fishing world by storm, and he seems to be everywhere: demonstrating fly tying at shows across the United States, teaching fly-tying classes, giving educational fly-fishing presentations, and leading groups of anglers to some of the very best fishing around the world.

The vise battles between Tom and Tim are highly entertaining.

Tim has been a huge part of the Orvis Fly Fishing blog since we posted one of his earliest tying videos–Let the Fur Fly–way back on January 5, 2011. Back when many tying videos were blurry, poorly lit, and shot in 240p resolution, Tim’s tying lessons were crystal clear, in high definition. He has continued to set the standard for video quality ever since.

We didn’t know Tim at the time, but over the past 11+ years, he’s become a partner, collaborator, and friend. We’ve posted hundreds of Tightline Productions videos, Tim has been a podcast guests many times, and his monthly Facebook Live tie-offs with Tom Rosenbauer draw big audiences. We post a new tying video by Tim every Wednesday, and the Tightline Productions YouTube channel now has 105,000 subscribers.

Over the past dozen years, Tim and his wife Joan–the woman behind the curtain–have done so much to teach the fly-fishing community about fly tying, fly fishing, and conservation that this award feels like a no-brainer.

So congratulations to Tim (and Joan), and we look forward to many more years of killer tying videos, fun competitions, and great conversations!

Click here to read the announcement by Fly Tyer magazine.

5 thoughts on “Tim Flagler Named 2022 Fly Tyer of the Year”

  1. I only know Tim through his outstanding fly tying videos. For that alone, I nominate him for Outstanding Fly Tyer of the Century.

    Congratulations and keep the videos coming.

    Bill Love
    Sandpoint, Idaho

  2. totally agree with Bill Love’s comment above. There are lots of amazing fly tyers in our universe but Tim stands totally alone when it comes to the content and executions of his instructional videos.

  3. I have been watching Tim’s tying tutorials and tip videos for the better part of the last 15 years. I have learned and acquired a vast amount of information on materials, techniques and tips. He is a valuasble resource to anyone who currently ties or beginning to tie. Congrats Tim on being named Tyer of the Year. You are a valuable asset to tying and fishing.

  4. Tim has made my adventure at the vice more satisfying, productive and relaxing. Not to mention that some of the patterns he demonstrates are top producers for my on the river! Recognition is well deserved.

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