Video: Tom’s Top 8 Flies for Fall Trout

Yesterday, Tom Rosenbauer hosted a Facebook Live session on his favorite patterns for catching trout in the fall. Since not everyone has Facebook–and so you don’t have to rewatch that lo-res compressed Facebook video–here’s an HD version of Tom’s talk. After he discusses his top 8 flies, he answers some questions from the live audience, as well. If you don’t want to miss any of these live sessions, make sure you like our Facebook page.

1. Lynch’s Double D Streamer 

2. Conehad Marabou Muddler 

3. Griffith’s Gnat 

4. Olive Sparkle Dun 

5. Killer Bug 

6. Tunghead Zebra Midge 

7. Tunghead Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Jig 

8. Tunghead Quill Jig 

5 thoughts on “Video: Tom’s Top 8 Flies for Fall Trout”

  1. Nice session Tom. I appreciated not only the choices but the explanation behind each. I definitely learned a few things.

  2. Please keep these coming on this site. Great information from a great(?) fisherman. Can always learn more or can be refreshed on fly fishing, tying, and uses for different equipment. The explanations teach a lot. Thanks.

  3. Tom,
    Are you fishing with Toby on the misery (Missouri)river when you’re out here?
    The spring creeks are fishing well right now!
    Give me a shout if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

  4. Hey Tom, I know this cool orvis endorced Fly Shop in Casper Wyoming.
    Corey Lincoln does fly tying live on Tuesday nights. I think it would be really cool if you guys got together and tied some flies on Facebook live from Orvis headquarters.

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