Top Posts of 2013, #10: Almost, But Not Quite Right

[Editor’s Note: During this first full week of 2014, we’re counting down the Top 10 Posts of 2013. (Although, since the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival is almost always the most-read post of each week, we’ll disqualify the F5 from this contest.) We’ll repost two of the Top 10 per day, leading up to our announcement of the most-read post, on Friday afternoon. So stay tuned all week to see what resonated most with Orvis Fly Fishing readers last year. Let’s kick things off with #10, a television commercial focused on a group of anglers on the water. Someone forgot to include an actual angler on the set, however.]

Fly fishing has entered the public consciousness in many ways in recent years, especially in advertisements. Here’s a new television ad for a Canadian lottery game called Lotto 6/49. It shows a bunch of guys enjoying the good life on the river after they hit the jackpot. There’s just one problem: an egregious error in the depiction of fly fishing itself.

Can you spot the mistake?

7 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2013, #10: Almost, But Not Quite Right”

  1. Line is wound on the reel incorrectly, over the top instead of hanging from below. This is almost as egregious as putting the toilet paper on the spool the wrong way.

  2. I don’t know how you guys spotted the reel and line? I’m impressed as my old eyes didn’t even catch that!
    The fact they’re all wearing old basket creels in the era of ‘catch-and -release’ is what caught me attention.

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