Trip Report: Jackie Crushes on Martha’s Vineyard Stripers

Written by: Jackie Jordan

On her very first night of fly-fishing for stripers, Jackie caught this monster, the best fish of the trip.
Photo by Pete Kutzer

Growing up in the Boston area, I always spent at least one week each summer on the Cape. I love the smell of the sea, the salty air, body surfing in the waves, and the sound of the seagulls.

Here’s Jackie’s first-ever striper on a fly.
Photo by Pete Kutzer

I was lucky enough to be invited to spend last weekend with my friends on Martha’s Vineyard, which gave me a chance to break in my new Helios 2 9-foot 8-weight saltwater fly rod. It turned out to be a weekend full of firsts for me. It was my first time fishing on saltwater flats, my first time fishing through the night, and it was my first time landing a striped bass on the fly.

Her second fish of the night (caught just two casts after the first) wasn’t too bad, either.
Photo by Pete Kutzer

It was a perfect summer night under a full moon. Pete pointed out how the water looked like it was boiling, since there were so many fish feeding at the time. It was amazing. I was elated when I landed that first striper. Then I landed a second one two casts after. . .and it was a big one! Then a third, and when I hooked the fourth it took off so fast I wasn’t sure what to do!

Jackie shares her trophy with Pete Kutzer, her intrepid guide.
Photo by Tyler Atkins

I was into my backing three times on that one. It fought hard and I didn’t know if I would land it or not. When I finally brought it in, Pete and I let out a “Holy crap!” almost in unison. This was the catch of the weekend! I knew it right then. I caught a fifth one shortly after, but I will never forget the experience I had catching that big fella. I had so much fun that weekend and I absolutely love saltwater fly fishing. We’re already planning our next saltwater adventure.

Jackie Jordan is Associate Art Director for Orvis Women’s. You may remember her previous posts–about her first landlocked salmon and her first big brown trout.

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    1. Thanks everyone! Josh- I was using a Coop’s Floating Sand Eel. It was working great so I stuck with that for the night. =)

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