Trip Report: Portland Orvis’s Ladies trip on Oregon’s Lower Deschutes

Written by: Heidi Adcock

Heidi Adcock shows off a chunky Deschutes rainbow.
Photo by Sherry Ratcliff

I can think of no better way to kick off summer than a three-day float on the lower Deschutes river, except, of course, if that trip happens to be with Deep Canyon Outfitters. The three special ladies that signed up to join me on this fantastic trip couldn’t agree more.

Heidi is joined by (from left) Sherry Ratcliff, Kathy Polland, and Vickie Loftus for a ladies-only adventure.
Photo by Michael Davita

From Trout Creek to Maupin, we enjoyed incredible fishing, beautiful scenery, and exciting whitewater on one of America’s most productive trout rivers. The end of the famous salmonfly hatch brought an end to the crowds. And so, with the river virtually to ourselves, we laughed and fished and fished some more with our exceptional guides expertly putting us right where the fish were. We cast to plenty of big redsides sipping small caddisflies in the foamy back eddies and under overhanging trees and sharpened our nymphing techniques while fooling unsuspecting trout with Jimmy Legs and caddis pupa imitations all day long. How I love those Jimmy Legs!

Vickie admires a beast of a rainbow that fell for a stonefly nymph.
Photo by Kathy Polland

A heartfelt thanks goes to Deep Canyon’s guides and camp chef, Michael Davita, Matt Carter, and Cullen Whisenhunt for showing us such a wonderful time, pampering us with exceptional food and getting us into some incredible trout. These guys are the best!

Sherry reels in a fish hooked on a subsurface pattern under an indicator.
Photo by Heidi Adcock

Cheers to the ladies who joined me on this incredible trip, Kathy, Vickie and Sherry. We cussed like sailors and laughed until it hurt, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Until next year…

Kathy is all smiles, as she lands her own nice ‘bow.
Photo by Vickie Loftus

Heidi obviously enjoys her work.
Photo by Michael Davita

Heidi Adcock works at Orvis Portland.

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    1. We do not have anything on the books yet but we are looking to do this trip again next year. Keep in touch with Orvis Portland, Adam McNamara, the fishing manager will be setting it up.

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