TU 1,000 Miles: Talk about a Great Investment!

How’s this for a piece of paradise?!
Photo by Phil Monahan

Everybody loves a good investment! As the Orvis/Trout Unlimited 1,000 Miles Campaign wraps up the 2015 culvert repair season, have we got a deal for you! All through September, Orvis will match your donation, dollar for dollar…but wait, there’s more:

Did you know that TU is able to leverage each of those dollars 17 times? Say you donate $25 dollars to the 1,000 Miles Campaign. Orvis will turn that into $50, which is pretty sweet all on its own. TU is able to leverage that $50 into…drum roll, please…$850! You had no idea you were that generous.

How does this magic work? Fair question. And, no, we’re not taking your $25 to the track! Every dollar donated through the 1,000 Miles Campaign (remember, Orvis has already turned it into $50), gets matched by federal, state, and foundation funding, all of which require proof of private investment. And TU has a proven record of getting those funds matched 17 times over! Don’t you wish they handled your 401K?

So, you ask, what’s in it for you? How about 1,000 miles of healthy, beautiful streams filled with healthy, beautiful fish? Plus consider the bragging rights. Say you donate $50; next time you’re out on the stream with your buds, you can casually mention, “Oh yeah, I just donated $1,700 to the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign“.

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