TU Asks Anglers to Tell the EPA to Protect Bristol Bay

The fight to save the salmon of Bristol Bay could take a big step forward if the EPA invokes the Clean Water Act.
Photo by Pat Clayton

[Editor’s note: Today, Trout Unlimited sent out an action alert to its members, calling on them to send an email or letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, asking her to start a Clean Water Act 404(c) process in Bristol Bay immediately. Sending the email is ridiculously easy: All you have to do is follow one of the links below, plug in your contact information, and hit “Send Message.” TU has prewritten the letter, which you can choose to edit, if you like. So take a couple minutes to make your voice heard on this important issue. Read the action alert below.]

The science is in, large-scale mining in Bristol Bay will irreparably harm fish, local communities and salmon-based businesses. Now it’s time for the EPA to use the Clean Water Act to stop the Pebble Mine.

We need you to thank the EPA for their hard work researching the watershed and the effects of large scale mining, and to tell them to use the Clean Water Act to make sure that Bristol Bay and its fisheries are protected forever.

Tell the EPA to protect Bristol Bay

It’s time for our political leaders to acknowledge what business leaders already know: Pebble mine is a risk we can’t afford to take.

The science supports it, Alaskans support it, and hunters and anglers across the country support it.

Take two minutes to tell the EPA to protect Bristol Bay.

Tim Bristol
Alaska Program Director
Trout Unlimited

Click here to visit the OrvisĀ Stop Pebble Mine Commitment page.

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