Tuesday Tip: Choosing Rods and Equipment for Salt Water

If you’re a freshwater angler looking to head for the salt, you’ll probably need to up-size your gear. In this segment from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, Tom Rosenbauer gives a brief breakdown of which rods and lines work best in different saltwater scenarios and for different species.

Click here for all the video lessons on fly fishing saltwater inshore flats.

One thought on “Tuesday Tip: Choosing Rods and Equipment for Salt Water”

  1. Not bad. I fish alot of saltwater and brackish water. But I’d have to say the reel I agree is crucial. Plenty of backing. Not so much rod wt. I’m able to handle albacore and stripers with a 4 to 7 wt rod. Also speckled trout. Red drum with a 7 to 8 wt. The most important is having a lot of backing.

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