Tuesday Tip: How to Tie a Simple Non-Slip Loop Knot

Most fly fishers believe that a streamer has a more enticing motion in the water if it’s attached to the leader with a loop knot. In this video, Paul Bloch of Montana’s Big R Fly Shop demonstrates a simple way to make a non-slip loop on any fly. (Check out all six videos in the Big R Quick Tip Series here.) If you learn better from a knot animation, check out the Non-Slip Mono Loop animation on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

There are other variations on this theme as well, such as this one, demonstrated by Tim Landwehr of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. in Wisconsin. Either method will get the job done, so the next time you go to tie on a streamer, consider using a loop knot!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: How to Tie a Simple Non-Slip Loop Knot”

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  2. Hi John,

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