Video Tuesday Tip: How to Tie the Davy Knot

Written by: Phil Monahan

My friend Zach Matthews, who runs the Itinerant Angler website, made this video about one of his favorite tippet-to-fly knots. I’ll admit that I am an improved-clinch kind of guy, but Zach swears by the Davy, especially for small flies and light tippets. Here’s his description:

The Davy Knot, invented by Davy Wotton, is a type of figure 8 knot that is perfect for extremely small flies. The tiny size of this knot makes it perfect on bright days, in still water, or whenever trout are being extremely selective. Because the Davy Knot is so fast to tie, it is extremely popular with tournament anglers fishing under a time limit.

For more information on Davy himself, who is a Welshman relocated to Flippin, Arkansas, check out his elaborate website.

The Davy knot is really little more than a modified figure-8.
Photo by Zach Matthews

7 thoughts on “Video Tuesday Tip: How to Tie the Davy Knot

  1. LyNcH

    I have been using this knot exclusively for 2 years, it doesn’t fail. I have also use it to tie droppers on the hook bend of my dry fly.

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  3. Seth Vasey

    This knot has been in use since Adam and Eve were knee high to a grass hopper. Is it not enough that people copy fly patterns and call them their own? So now they do it with knots! 36 years ago in the cub scouts, we called it the figure of nine.

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