Tuesday Video Tip: How to Make a Tuck Cast

Written by: Peter Kutzer

This seems like an appropriate post for this time of year, when nymph fishermen really need to get their flies to the bottom quickly. In this episode, I demonstrate how to make a tuck cast, which allows you to get your nymphs to power through the water column by causing them to hit the water before your fly line does. Tuck casts are great for when you’re fishing nymphs upstream to the head of a pool and you want them to get to the bottom fast so they don’t drift over the heads of your target fish. Because the flies land first, they break right through the surface and head for the bottom without the line and leader holding them back.

The tuck cast is really quite simple, but it requires some practice. On the forward cast, just as the line is straightening out, give your rod tip a slight lift. This will cause the cast to hinge, and the flies will swing around to the underside of the fly line, straight toward the water. Be careful, though, because too big or too strong a lift will cause your line and flies to bounce back like a dog hitting the end of his leash. With a little practice, you’ll get a feel for just how much of a lift is necessary. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Video Tip: How to Make a Tuck Cast”

  1. Pete. That is about the easiest demonstration and explanation of how to do the “tuck cast” that I have seen and heard. I will use that the next time I am helping someone with their casting.


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