Video Pro Tip: How to Tie the Blood Knot

I’m going to state right off the bat that, when it comes to joining pieces of monofilament, I am a blood-knot guy. There are several reasons: It’s the knot I learned first, and I’ve tied it enough that I can tie a blood knot well every time (pretty quickly, I might add). Plus, it’s a beautiful knot—elegant and symmetrical. Not like that lumpy, off-kilter double surgeon’s. (Pshaw!)

However, it can be a tough knot to get comfortable with at first. Luckily, we have Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions to walk us through the process. As usual, his instructions are clear, and the quality of the video is unsurpassed. If you have to watch this a couple times of stop and start as you follow along, please do so. The blood knot is something that every angler should master.

14 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Tie the Blood Knot”

  1. Great job, Tim. I’ve been tying this knot for a few years and your procedure really helps me think through the process.

  2. I’ve been told to use a double or triple surgeon with fluorocarbon. What do you think? Thanks, Jack
    PS Phil- remember fishing South Andros with you!!!

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  4. I have been using this knot exclusively for adding length to leader and tippet sections since I began fly fishing 7 years ago. I have used it with both nylon and fluorocarbon without any problems. It is a cleanest knot you can tie to serve this purpose and rarely have I ever had one fail. Just make sure you aren’t jumping more than one tippet size (maybe 2 with heavier sizes). 5x to 6x is good. 5x to 7x, you are probably asking for trouble if you are fishing over sizable fish that are really spooky.

    I have never considered the use of a blood knot to double nymph rigs utilizing a longer tag end. I may give that a try.

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