Two New Magazine Issues Online Now

For those of you still jonesing from too much snow and cold, here are a couple of great reads to transport your mind to the water. The first is, strangely, one I hadn’t heard of before, despite the fact that this is issue number 16. tail claims to be “the only publication dedicated to fly fishing in salt water,” and it offers some great feature articles on such varied topics as bonefishing in Indonesia, how to choose the right sunglasses, and how to tie Lefty’s Striped Bass Deceiver. Even better is the format of tail, which does away with the faux-magazine page flipping in favor of glorious, full-screen layouts.

Click here to read the new issue of tail.

On the other hand, we’ve posted about Scale magazine a lot. Although the publication is not fly-fishing-only, it’s worth your time for the useful information and glorious photography. This issue has stories on fly-fishing in Iceland and using a stand-up paddleboard as a fishing vessel.

Click here to read Scale magazine.

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