Tying the Hendrickson Rusty Parachute

Written by: Mike Healy

Here’s a video I shot at the first annual Trout Unlimited of Southwestern Vermont’s “Flies & Pies” tying evening, held on February 15th, 2011 at the Orvis Manchester Fishing School building. We had over 25 people in attendance, and we offered a three-fly “menu” for the evening. This was pattern #2 offered by Orvis Rod & Tackle Product Development Specialist Shawn Brillon. Hendricksons are the best spring hatch on the Battenkill, and this pattern is perfect for late-evening spinner falls.

Rusty Hendrickson Spinner




Hook: Standard dry-fly, size 12 (female) or 14 (male).

Thread: Maroon or black, 6/0 or 8/0.

Tail: Medium-dun hackle fibers, speckled Cock de Leon, or MicroFibetts (AKA Mayfly Tails).

Abdomen: Stripped dyed-orange peacock herl or turkey biots dyed rusty brown/mahogany. For the female, use Hendrickson-pink dubbing or turkey biot.

Wing post: Medium dark dun turkey flats or poly yarn, snowshoe rabbit foot, or CDC.

Hackle: Medium dun, rusty dun, or honey dun.

Thorax: Rusty dry-fly dubbing for male, Hendrickson pink for female.

Mike Healy is the Retail Inventory Planner for Sporting, Gift, & Pet at Orvis.

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