Update from Grand Bahama Island in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

Written by: Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

The bonefish weathered the hurricane in deep water and were soon back on the flats.

While large parts of the northern Bahamas were deeply affected by hurricane Dorian, we were fortunate enough to avoid the worst of the wind and tidal surge damage.  Our boats and equipment avoided any damage and our accommodation options came through in relatively good shape. Most amenities are now open and operating within our location. But what about the fishing?

Over the past couple weeks, H2O Bonefishing guides have returned to the flats to survey our fishery. After the devastation of Hurricane Dorian back in August, we weren’t sure what we would find. Here’s the good news:

As you can see, the mangroves have lost their leaves, but the health of the flats themselves looks good.

There has been little to no change to the flats themselves. The 40 miles of flats we surveyed looked great. We found bonefish at every location we stopped to fish, and water clarity was normal. The biggest difference from before Dorian is that the storm either blew off all the green mangrove leaves or the leaves themselves died. However, this is a normal process after storms, and we expect the green to return soon. In fact, there are already plenty of signs that has already started to happen. So, while the mangroves have take on a new and temporary “winter” look, the only changes we can report are cosmetic.

Most importantly the fishery in general seems to have not been affected buy the storm. We caught bonefish, spooked bonefish, and saw large double-digit singles, as well as the usual schools. We also had two shots at permit and jumped 2 tarpon from a large school of fish on the move. So there really seems to be no change to the fishery post-storm.

The same goes for our clubhouse Bones Bar, which has now been fully operational for several weeks, as is our HQ at Pelican Bay, with the resort already back to 100 % operational. We have our first pre-booked guests arriving November 8, and we have even run some charters for a few fly fisherman temporarily on the island with insurance companies.

Grand Bahama will be back open for business in the coming days.

H2O Bonefishing is back in business and would look forward to hosting anyone interested in targeting large bonefish and permit that this time of year is well known for. The bonefish in the video is a typical fish for this time of year.

Greg Vincent is a co-owner of H2O Bonefishing on Grand Bahama Island.

Editor’s note: While H20 Bonefishing is excited to get back on the water with anglers, there are still many in the islands who continue to need support. The fly-fishing industry has come together to create the Double Haul for Dorian relief Coalition, of which Orvis is a proud member. Learn more and give, if you can.

Click here for more information and to donate.

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