Photo Essay: Trying to School Educated trout on the Upper Delaware

Written by: Ty Patton, Store Manager, Orvis Deham (MA)

The trout of the Upper Delaware will test all your angling skills.
All photos courtesy Ty Patton

Here are some pictures of our hosted trip to the West Branch Angler early last month. We try to run a trip to the West Branch of the Delaware in the Catskills every year, and this year we tried to time it to coincide with the peak of dry-fly action. Unfortunately, we all know how that goes, and we ended up being maybe just a few days early—enough to miss the sulfurs and the Isonychias. We did have just enough bugs most days to be able to have some fish looking up, giving us a few targets to throw at.

The Upper Delaware system is notorious for its selective feeding wild fish, and they lived up to their reputation on this trip. In the end, everyone had a great trip and fantastic accommodations, thanks to the crew at West Branch Angler. If you really want to see true “match the hatch”-type fishing in the East, I don’t think it gets any more technical and rewarding than the Upper Delaware.

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