Honor Those Who Served with a Veterans Day Film Festival

We have posted many times about the great organizations that use fly fishing as a way to help veterans deal with or recover from challenges, both physical and mental, resulting from their service. There are many such groups, both local and national, but three that have done a remarkable job getting the word out about their work are Project Healing Waters, Warriors and Quiet Waters, Soul River Runs Deep, Veterans Expeditions, AWOL Angler, and Back in the Maine Stream.

To celebrate Veterans Day and to honor those who have served, here is a selection of videos produced by these wonderful programs. It is a profound experience to see how the sport we love can be used to help those to whom we owe so much. Check out the programs linked above, and consider how you can help, via a donation or participation.

J.R. Saltzman, who lost his right arm below the elbow and suffered damage to his left hand while serving
in Iraq in 2006, competes in the 10th Annual Project healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament.
Photo by Ed Felker, Dispatches from the Potomac

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  1. Is there any place to help in the PA area. i am a Vietnam Vet and I tye flies and and would like to help

    I live in Western PA

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