Video: 10+ Proven Hopper-Dropper Rigs

Drew Ross—a.k.a. Looknfishy—is a great angler, but the dude can’t count. In this useful video, he walks us through his favorite fly combinations for when a situation calls for a hopper-dropper rig. (He throws in a couple of ant patterns for good measure, as well.) But by my count, their are at least 15 patterns in this video, but when would we ever criticize someone for providing too much information? It’s interesting to compare Drew’s choices with those by Fly Fish Food we published a couple weeks ago.

Aside from the fly choices, Drew also explains why he likes each particular fly, how he tweaks the pattern to suit his needs, and when he likes to use it. If you’ve watched many of Drew’s excellent videos, you know that he spends a ton of time on the water throughout the West, so he’s got things dialed-in pretty well. He drives the point home by catching tons of gorgeous trout. His conversational style often includes great tips and advice that he doesn’t even know he’s giving, so pay close attention.

Below are the flies Drew uses. Because he ties his own, I couldn’t find exact matches for each, so I went with the closest version. The fly names link to places to buy or directions to tie each pattern.

Dry Flies

1. Chubby Chernobyl

2. Amy’s Ant

3. Fat Albert

4. Morrish Hopper

5. Top Shelf Hopper

6. Foam Ant


7. Rubberlegs Copper John

8. Golden/Black Stoneflies

9. Pat’s Rubberlegs

10. Jig Flies

11. Frenchie Nymph

12. Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear

13. Beadhead Caddis Nymph

14. Soft Hackle

15. Black Perdigon

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