Video: 11-Year-Old Girl Is One of the Top Fly-Casters in the Country

Before last week, young Maxine McCormick was virtually unknown outside the Bay Area casting community that she has grown up. But when reports of her performance at the U.S. National Casting Championships in Long Beach, California, went viral last week, she was thrown into the spotlight. Although she was competing in the junior division of the event, her score in the accuracy competition was good enough to place fourth overall–including all age groups and genders. She was just one point behind legendary caster Steve Rajeff, and her score of 289 out of 300 is the highest score ever by a female caster of any age.

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Young Maxine shocked many casters with her performance.
Photo by Kris Korich via

6 thoughts on “Video: 11-Year-Old Girl Is One of the Top Fly-Casters in the Country”

    1. Oh, this was supposed to be a light hearted sarcastic comment. What pose this young lady has in front of a camera. She going far beyond fly fishing!!!!

  1. she isn’t an unknown. she’s been kicking butt in competitions for more than a year now. the GGACC is proud of your Maxine!

  2. agree with the other comment, why did we have to watch the loser newscaster host when she was the star. Amazing, really amazing virtuoso performance for this 11 year old! Hope this inspires man yother women into what should be a gender neutral sport/recreation.

  3. Too bad the reporter is so full of himself. The 11 year old had hardly a chance to talk. The dad didn’t have an opportunity to provide any insight. Typical new report that misses the story!

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