Video: A 2017 Showreel of Fly Fishing and More

Although many of us may define ourselves by our love for fly fishing, the vast majority of us have other sporting interests, and I dig it when videos attempt to portray fly fishing as part of a larger context. This showreel from Freeflow Motionworks is simply gorgeous, and it intermixes angling footage with other outdoor pursuits and jobs. The crossover among these various worlds is vast, and it’s one we should embrace, when appropriate.

5 thoughts on “Video: A 2017 Showreel of Fly Fishing and More”

  1. Dear Phil, I’m an avid fly fisher and just married and moved to Iran. How do I get in touch with Naser Derakshan? The images are extraordinary.

  2. Hell ya, way to represent the great state of Wyoming with high quality film work. Keep it up guys! You better get Scott some royalty money for the face time in the hunting scene. Dude can be touchy 🙂

  3. Hi Phil! I’m the Chair of Trout Power ( the 501 that commissioned this vid in the Adirondack Park as part of our mission to find, verify and protect wild and heritage brook trout fisheries. The weekend we did this we were fortunate to have John Segesta along as well who took beautiful stills and wrote it up for publication in last fall’s issue of The Drake. Just wanted to thank you for honoring us by pointing out Andrew at FreeFlow’s gorgeous footage of what we consider some of the most beautiful brookie havens in America. Tight Lines!!

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