Video: 3 Fishing Knots You’ll Use Every Day

In this week’s video from Huge Fly Fisherman, Ben Sittig talks you through the three fly-fishing knots that he uses most often. As you might imagine, these knots cover the most common scenarios: tying on a fly to the end of the tippet and adding tippet to your leader. Interestingly, Ben likes two different knots for the latter situation, depending on the size of the leader material involved.

Here are helpful links that offer full instruction on each knot.

Clinch Knot

Double Surgeon’s Knot

Blood Knot (and here’s the toothpick version Ben references).

One thought on “Video: 3 Fishing Knots You’ll Use Every Day”

  1. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll take the Double Davy and the Infinity Tippet knots, each is easier, faster, stronger than these options. To each own but this one is a no brainer!

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