Video: 5 Strategies for Fishing High Water

Here’s a great video from Fly Fish Food, in which Curtis Fry talks you through his top tips for finding and catching trout in high water. (A lot of folks in the West are going to need these tips in the coming weeks or months.) A lot of anglers are intimidated by high flows, but since the fish gotta eat, you’ve always got a chance. Curtis starts out with the most important consideration for fishing in high water: safety. No trout is worth your life, so make sure you do everything you can to avoid going for an unexpected swim. Then, he launches into where to fish, how to fish, and what flies to use.

Look for trout out of the main current, in softer edges and along current seams.

3 thoughts on “Video: 5 Strategies for Fishing High Water”

  1. Here is another tip I use a 6wt switch rod because I don’t need to wade out very far and no worries on my back cast also you can use sink tips there is no faster or more efficient way getting your flies down also it can give a longer drift allowing your fly to cover more water

  2. Great info but I believe a wider stance and not keeping your legs together is safer.
    Also, never cross your feet to turn. If the current catches your leg your risk of falling increases.
    As you said, my wading staff has saved me from many missteps, I keep it attached to my vest and fully extended for a quick grab.

    1. Gary – having waded in all kinds of conditions I have found a waiting staff to be as much of a detriment as it can be helpful so I don’t use one. The best advice you can give waiters in heavy water is to when they turn around always turn downstream. That way you are not fighting the current but going with it and it won’t throw you off balance keep your legs wide and take short steps and you’ll get to where you want to be.

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