Video: A 100-Year-Old War Hero and Fly Fisher

This is, apparently, old news—the video is from July of last year—but I just stumbled on it. It’s a BBC report focusing on Dr. Clifford Brewer, who continued to enjoy fly fishing at the ripe old age of 100. (A Google search didn’t turn up any more current information on Dr. Brewer.) The last surviving British surgeon from the D-Day landings, Brewer is dubbed the World’s Oldest Fly Fisherman. He may also be the World’s Oldest Fly Tier. I hope the good doctor is still casting away, serving as an example to all of us.

5 thoughts on “Video: A 100-Year-Old War Hero and Fly Fisher”

  1. How cool is that? I hope if I live that long, I’m still able to cast a fly rod. And enjoy getting out on the water.

  2. Wonderful! Puts a smile on your face. I can’t quite picture being to cast that well @ 100+ years. Good for the good doctor.

  3. Great cast for 100 years old! No tailing loops and he seems to be kicking out plenty of line to get the job done. Really drives home the idea of “one more cast”. Tight lines Dr. Brewer.

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