Video: A Fisherman and His Father

The Weather Channel’s meteorologist Reynolds Wolf is a pretty hardcore fly fisherman. (He’s even commented on this blog before.) He and his producer set out to do a segment on Reynolds’s favorite pastime earlier this year, and they ended up getting more than they had planned for. When Reynolds starting talking about his dad, the story became about a lot more than fly fishing. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s one angler’s view on the relationship between fishing and father-son connections.

Hope all you dads out there have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Video: A Fisherman and His Father”

  1. Great story-my dad introduced me to fly fishing when I was about 12. 35 years later besides my family its my passion. Dad passed last July 6th. Dad loved the ocean-we took his ashes to a well known spot to him and spread his ashes there. The after we spread the ashes my brother and I locked into a giant blitz of stripers(dad would have recommended we take rods, trust me, he was hardcore). I took a wonderful keeper size striper from the blitz and released him to swim with dad.

  2. Vids such as this one make the Orvis blog first class.
    Thanks Phil.

    (Had to take out my dad’s Heddon “Black Beauty” from original labeled sack and tube. He’s long gone, yet that classic cane rod reflects strong memories.)

  3. Wow – what a very touching tribute to his father – I just lost my dad two weeks ago and I couldn’t have said it any better. I miss you already Dad.
    Thanks for posting this video Orvis!!!

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