Video: A Fly-Fishing Paradise in. . .Iran?

Okay, before you watch the above video, try to get a picture in your mind of what you think an Iranian fly-fishing river looks like. Then click “play.” You might be surprised by what you see. It’s not much of a video, actually—there are a lot of still photos—but it offers a glimpse of a fishery that very few Westerners will ever see. It’s pretty cool stuff, and it’s a reminder that the world is full of fly-fishing wonders. . .more that we’ll ever know.

If anyone can translate the Persian titles, please let us know what they say in the comments below.

Click here to check out the Fly Fishing Club Shahrekord Facebook page.

Shahrekord is the capital city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran.
Photo via Google Maps

9 thoughts on “Video: A Fly-Fishing Paradise in. . .Iran?”

  1. Well that certainly wasn’t what I thought the Iranian country side would look like and those trout were gorgeous!

  2. I had one of my Iranian friends in my lab translate the video for me.

    “Spring in my Country”
    “One Question, Why fishing as a sport?”
    “Why loving the green environment, why release the fish?”
    “Maybe thinking about the future”
    “Thinking about the future of a beautiful environment”
    “Lets build a greeen environment for future generations”
    “Releasing is equal to a second life”

    The basic theme of the video is to get people interested in catch and release fishing.

  3. This is not the best of Iran fly fishing. In the last decade fly fishing in Iran became popular, but the sport fishing has a longer history. The record for Brown Trout is still in hand of an American landing a Brown Trout of 95cm in 1977 in Karaj, but the 9-kilo rainbow was caught by Iranian on the fly.
    The best place for Iranians was Lar which is the home of native brown trout . There are lots of brown trout rivers in Iran and recently, the new expand in the fish farm for rainbow increased the number of rainbows in the rivers such as the one you see in the photo.
    Unfortunately, the environment protection in Iran is terrible and the decisions made are not good. The fish farm startups in the brown trout home cause a great decline in brown trout numbers as they should compete with rainbows. The good news is that there are still places that no one dares to go due to the presence of persian leopard with its cub during spring and brown bears.
    read this story of mine:
    I have landed a big brown trout lately in my secret place in Iran, but I do not blog it as I am afraid that people recognize the place.

  4. Amir, do you have some info on native species. I would be much more interested in seeing (or experiencing) fly fishing for one of the several species of pike barbel, like the mangar (Luciobarbus esocinus) or the asp and other predatory cyprinids. How well are these fish protected, do you have any information on that?

    Jeroen, The Netherlands

  5. Hi guys,

    I do a lot of fly fishing in New Zealand and I am about to bring the family to Iran after 28 year and will be staying for a year. Can you give me a tip on the different clubs or areas I can fly fish please?


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