Video: A Piece of Tom Rosenbauer Fly Fishing History

Do you know what the eighth-most-watched fly -fishing video on YouTube is? Check out a young Tom Rosenbauer—rocking a sweet pair of aviators while casting on the Battenkill—from this 1980s video. Although the video was surely created by The Orvis Company, Tom says has no memory of making it and has no idea who shot the actual video. What this VHS transfer, uploaded in glorious 240p by someone called “booniecat,” lacks in quality, it makes up for with style. And I could watch Tom cast all day.

My two favorite comment under the video is “nice wig.”

6 thoughts on “Video: A Piece of Tom Rosenbauer Fly Fishing History”

  1. This video is amazing. It’s like a time capsule that was uncovered. I gasped a little when I saw Tom throw that spoon out there with a spin rod, but it’s nothing like the weighted down vest and the neoprene waders. My how times have changed! Also, thanks for the free casting lesson Tom!

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