Video: A River Out of Time

The Colorado River basin is the lifeline for much of the American West, and it includes some iconic fly-fishing waters, such as the Green and the Yampa. But years of drought, climate change, and misuse threaten the river’s health, which jeopardizes the wildlife and landscapes of the region, as well as the lifestyles of some 40 million Americans.

To call attention to the issues facing the river and the need for solutions, a diverse group of whitewater rafters, educators, scientists, and artists set out to retrace the steps of the 1869 Colorado River Exploring Expedition led by John Wesley Powell. However, Powell was able to travel through a continuous, natural riparian ecosystem, and this experience is no longer possible, as the system is now separated into two basins, with three major dams, 15 management areas, and over 20 significant laws governing the allocation of Colorado River water. Because of these major differences, the expedition was nota reenactment of the past, but rather a re-envisioning of our future that engages traditional, historic, and contemporary river ecosystem perspectives to derive proactive management strategies, integrating community values, science, and humanities through an analysis of culture, informed management, and traditional ecological knowledge

The film above is a remarkable look at this stunning journey, and you can learn more about the project at the Powell 150 website: Click here.

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  1. I was fortunate to run the Green and the Yampa out of the Gates of Ladore when I was 16 1971. My Grandad Gilbert Hunter was commissioner of Game Fish & Parks. And 14 park rangers/River Rats. A absolute trip of a lifetime! Had the Editor and photographer of The Denver Post with us to chronicle the ride. Made the front page of the papers Sport section. Also had the Head engineer of Flaming Gorge who opened the gates for us, so you know we had fast water. This doesn’t happen in todays world.

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