Video: “Above Iliamna” Shows What is at Stake

For years, those who have opposed the proposed Pebble Mine Project have stressed the fecundity of the region that is threatened. But when you hear the words “largest wild-salmon run on the planet,” do you really know what that means? In this incredible video from Jason Ching, you get to fly high above Lake Iliamna, following the crew of the Alaska Salmon Program as they conduct sockeye salmon surveys during one of the largest salmon returns in years. What you see will simply astonish you. Salmon don’t simply spawn in rivers and streams, but in virtually any piece of water they can find–seeps, potholes, etc. The idea that we would expose such an environmental treasure to the potential horrors of mine tailings and waste seems crazy. Make sure you watch this in HD and at full screen.

For more information, visit Save Bristol Bay.

3 thoughts on “Video: “Above Iliamna” Shows What is at Stake”

  1. It should be far from the desires of man to consider destroying such a natural resource in the name of misguided and shortsighted “progress”. We have so many of our own existing messes to clean up, it should be down right criminal to allow ourselves to take something so pristine and lower it to our standards.

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