Video: Africa Like You’ve Never Seen It. . .with Rainbow Trout!

Call to mind all the different images you have of Africa—from the deserts of the north to the surfing beaches of the south and the jungles in between—and I’ll bet none of them look like the landscape in this video. Shot on the Ragati River on the flanks of Mount Kenya, the video shows a lovely little trout stream flowing through brilliant green vegetation. And the fish themselves are quite lovely. Here’s the description from the video:

The Ragati River Conservancy is situated in the Mt Kenya Forest Reserve at an altitude of some 2,200m consisting of afro-montane forests, alpine heath, marshes and the Ragati river catchment area with some 8 km of rivers. The Conservancy of some 5,000 ha is managed by Ragati River Management. The objectives of the Conservancy include but are not limited to: developing trout fishing on the Ragati river, developing mountain routes to Mt Kenya for mountaineers, conserving the endemic mountain bongo antelope and protecting the river and forest habitats for biodiversity, water catchment and recreation.

The Ragati River Conservancy is part of Mt. Kenya National Park.
Image via Google Maps

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