Video: Age is “Just a Number” for This Angler

When I was a kid, 70 seemed impossibly old, but the more years I put behind me, the more my opinion changes. This new film from Chasing Scale is certainly inspirational for anyone who wonders just how long he or she can keep up an active fly-fishing lifestyle. At 70, Coloradan Rick Mendel continues to be at home in the San Juan Mountains, searching for that next colorful cutthroat trout from a high mountain lake. When he is silhouetted against the dramatic peaks, hiking with his fly rod, he could be any age.

3 thoughts on “Video: Age is “Just a Number” for This Angler”

  1. I celebrated my birthday of 3 score and 10 myself this year and I love each fishing adventure more and more with the passing of my life. I’ve been in training myself and now, I’ve made the BIGS! Thanks, Rick for showing our juniors they have something to look forward too. Tight lines and BIG ‘Bows!

  2. The fish are an excuse, they are a beautiful reminder of the wild outdoors and what needs to be preserved for future 70 year olds!

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