Video: Almost, But Not Quite Right

Fly fishing has entered the public consciousness in many ways in recent years, especially in advertisements. Here’s a new television ad for a Canadian lottery game called Lotto 6/49. It shows a bunch of guys enjoying the good life on the river after they hit the jackpot. There’s just one problem: an egregious error in the depiction of fly fishing itself.

Can you spot the mistake?

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      1. Is it the reel put on backwards…or the rod backwards? Obviously its a right hand retrieve reel being used by a left handed retriever 🙂

  1. Yeah… that is a completely incorrect and downright impractical way to reel in line. Why do they never consult technical advisers before they just buy a bunch of gear and go film a commercial? I would also add that the wicker creel is a rare thing to see on a modern fly fisher.

  2. He appears to be reeling it the correct way – for the set up. What seems to be the problem or error is that the line is backward on the spool.

  3. Index finger holding the line and pulling line off the spool. Oh a Creel that is where you store your lunch right Dad?

  4. Not sure I’ve even seen five fly fishers so close to each other while the rest of the river is empty, either.

  5. The non-fly-fisher would likely not notice the backwards reel, but what I find even more hilarious is the eight dudes in a 10 yard stretch of water.

  6. Actually, for the way the line is set up he is reeling it in correctly. The problem is that the reel is lined incorrectly. it is backwards on the reel. Instead of the line feeding into the reel from the bottom it is spooled so that the line is feeding to the top of the reel. HAHA… Awesome!

    On a side note… There sure are a LOT of dudes in a small area! 5 guys in that small area (one that can’t even spool is reel correctly) is asking for trouble! 😉

  7. We’ve seen this on the blog before — more than a year ago I think. That guy won the lottery but didn’t hire a guide smart enough to rig his reel correctly.

  8. Reminds me of a commercial I saw a few years ago about grandpa taking his little grandson fishing in the local creek for sunfish…using 10 wt switch rods! Must have been some big bluegills.

  9. When I first saw this commercial over a month ago I was laughing and my wife was like “what’s so funny?”. I explained everything that was wrong with the commercial. She still didn’t understand why it was funny to me. Guess only us fly fishermen care about proper setup, technique, etc., and find it funny when we see mainstream media trying to use Fly fishing for commercialism. Too funny.

  10. Ya, the guy went and spent a portion of his winnings on fly gear for the first time, (being a lottery winner must take some of the sting out of it), and bought the wrong reel. My question is, wheres the helicopter and Hatch Reel Calendar Girls?

  11. It thought it was strange that a few of the guys aren’t wearing vests. Unless those with the the vests/gear are guides? It also strikes me as odd that he palms the reel. We’ve seen the fish and it appears to be maybe 10 inches at most so it probably could be reeled right in without much fighting. Also, the palming doesn’t appear to apply drag so much as actually stop the reel completely. That could definitely break the fish off if it swam into swift current.

  12. Who really cares. Why doesn’t Orivs send out a video about the warranty that they don’t honor, or stop sending another set of duplicate catalogs to my wife and I every other day.

    Sometimes simple is stupid.

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