Video: Alphonse – The Heart of the Indian Ocean
(Full Version!)

To be honest, only a very lucky few of us will ever make it to fish the incredible flats, reefs, and blue water around Alphonse Island in the Outer Islands coral archipelago of the Seychelles. So thank goodness our our friends Vaidas Uselis and Nerijus Rupciauskas—collectively known as Black Fly Eyes—have made an awesome film that showcases this incredible fishery.

Back in March, we posted the teaser for “Alphonse – The Heart of the Indian Ocean,” and the full 40-minute film came online just minutes ago. This is not simply a collection of fishing scenes, but a full explorations of the species available in these waters, the tactics used to catch them, and the astonishing fecundity of waters around the island. You’ll see anglers catch an astonishing array of species, from bonefish to permit, triggerfish to sailfish, and trevally to milkfish.

This is one video that you’ll want to watch when you’ve got time to sit back and really enjoy it. The camerawork and drone shots are spectacular, the locations are stunning, and the fish are out of this world. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Video: Alphonse – The Heart of the Indian Ocean
(Full Version!)”

  1. I’ve had the privilege of fishing with the outstanding crew at Alphonse Island Resort and I can tell you that this video comes close to giving you the feel of what you experience there. This is a very special part of the world when it comes to fly fishing for the incredible variety of species found there. There is just nowhere in the world quite like Alphonse!

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