Video: Alvin Dedeaux on Orvis Rod Repair

In his latest video, Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides in Austin, Texas, talks about breaking rods and what it takes to get them fixed. He remembers working in a shop and what a pain it was to box up the broken rod, send it to the manufacturer, and then wait for it to come back. He’s a big fan of Orvis’s section-replacement system, which allows you to simply order a new rod section for any Orvis rod made since 2019.

This speeds up the process, is way less of a hassle, and gets you back on the water in a matter of days. The reason we can do this is that the tolerances of our rod sections are one thousandth of an inch—thinner than a sheet of paper. This level of precision and a guaranteed perfect fit is why Orvis is the leader in ensuring a perfect fit for replacement parts. A couple other companies do offer replacement sections, but none can match Orvis’s commitment to ensuring a perfect fit, so the rod performs as well as it did on the day you brought it home.

If you fish long enough, it will happen to you.

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