Video: Amazing Skeena Steelhead and Salmon

Here’s a pretty stunning video of fly-fishing the famed Skeena River in April, in which the Danish guys from Salmon Junkies hook and land some gorgeous steelhead and salmon. Things are warming up and heading into summer around here, but I’d be willing to go back to the chilly days of early spring if I could get a shot at fish like these.

2 thoughts on “Video: Amazing Skeena Steelhead and Salmon”

  1. Damn! I arrived a week after these guys and though we didnt have the same fishing we did have a great guide putting us into some fish. These guys at Nicholas Dean Outdoors are awesome. I wanted to hire them all for Wild Waters or try and get hired for Nicholas Dean. Nice work Dustin! See you this summer.
    John Rickard
    Wild Waters
    And Orvis Endorsed Guide Service

  2. Appears from the U-tube that fish were hooked in fairly shallow water no? And it appeared that a single hander would have sufficed. Dry lines used?

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