Video: Amazing Trout Fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees

For years, I’ve been trying to tell people that one of the great undiscovered fly-fishing destinations is the Spanish Pyrenees, but few have listened. I traveled there with my friend and photographer Sandy Hays in 2010 and was blown away by the experience. As editor of American Angler, I was lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling, and I’d place my Pyrenees adventure in my Top 3 fly-fishing trips ever. You can read about my trip here.

The video above is a trailer for a new series on WFN called “Destination Spain!” The series will follow guide Josh Nugent and angler Richard French as they fish their way across the mountain range, from east to west, tracing the path of Ernest Hemingway almost 100 years ago. I can’t wait to see the show, which debuts on October 5.

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