Video: An Amazing New Zealand Opening-Day Trip

Opening Day in Vermont usually means high water, frigid temperatures, and few trout. This video from New Zealand tells a different kind of story. There’s still the crappy weather and the high water, but wow! are there trout. Videographer Matt Butler writes:

This was our first trip of the 2015 season and we had to head far from home to try get around some rough weather. We still got hammered by it on the first few days but still had some fun and we got a nice fine day to cap it off. All up we landed 7 fish over 8 pounds and another 2 nice smaller ones, not forgetting the 10.2-pound brown!

Again, this isn’t great filmmaking, but the action more than makes up for any cinematic deficiencies!

One thought on “Video: An Amazing New Zealand Opening-Day Trip”

  1. Nice raincoat. Seriously, who heads out into the backcountry with a garbage bag poncho.? No wonder he was “soaked to the bone” after day 1. Maybe he should check out

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