Video: Anger Management

Female anglers are usually portrayed in videos in a particular light meant to show that they are just as skilled or just as committed to fly fishing as their male counterparts. Here’s a short piece of footage that offers another side of that argument: how a female angler reacts when things go wrong. As the description of the Youtube video says:

Every fly fisherman/woman knows the pain and reward one can find fly fishing a small stream, there are over hanging branches everywhere to get hung up in at every turn and cast. The stream in this video is not for the first time fly fisher, it is very technical. So toward the end of a long day of hanging up and losing flies, the big one hits. The battle is/was on, but after all the hard work the loss of this monster is to much to bear. But have no fear, we were back in the stream the next day… Every fisherman/woman has felt this pain at one time or another, if one denies it, your kidding yourself… Turn the volume up and enjoy…

I think we can all feel her pain here and wonder how we would react in her shoes.

One word of warning, though: Do not slap your rod tip on the water out of frustration. You may end up with broken tip that will end your day of fishing—which means you can’t redeem yourself.

Anger management

“It’s not funny!

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