Video: Atlantic Salmon on a Dry Fly. . .8 Times!

This is not a high-quality video production-wise, but it offers a very cool perspective and some fascinating action. While fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland, angler Mark Molloy had a large jack salmon rise to his dry fly eight times! Finally, the fish took the Brown Bug, and the fight was on.

One thought on “Video: Atlantic Salmon on a Dry Fly. . .8 Times!”

  1. Glad you liked the video, pretty cool to get featured on your site! Definitely not high quality production wise, I was just shooting with a hat mounted GoPro and had secondary old Kodak playsport running from a tripod on a nearby rock. Done the editing in sony vegas after watching a few youtube tutorials. This video was taken on the last day of the season in Newfoundland.


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