Video: Autumn in New England, Part II

Last week, we posted the first installment of the “Autumn” series from Tight Loops. The second, shot on the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts, is even better. You get a real flavor for the stunning scenery, slanted light, and beautiful trout that come with fall in the Northeast. As a bonus, the video features one of the greatest songs of all time, from the late Jason Molina’s Songs:Ohia.

4 thoughts on “Video: Autumn in New England, Part II”

  1. Just fished the Deerfield for the first time this Saturday. What a awesome river: well managed, great scenery, great fish; and relatively close to home!

  2. Ah. To be young again and out in the Autumn woods and water. I don’t envy many people but I do those two young people.

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