Video: Backside Fly—An Angling Life in Reverse

Last summer, the boys from Frontsidefly headed for the mountain range on the border between Sweden and Norway to fish, and they shot some video. But when he sat down to edit the footage, Stefan Ă…gren had an interesting idea:

This video is named Backsidefly just because sometimes it feels like a memory is better if you play it backwards, you end up with remembering the very best parts of everything about fly fishing. The moment when the trout takes the fly take and the adventure of getting there. The video is also some sort of a trailer for a longer feature of the trip. It will be released sometimes before summer I hope.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Video: Backside Fly—An Angling Life in Reverse”

  1. Interesting take on the footage. Either it was my connection speed or the video, but it also seemed to be in slow-motion at least in some parts. Nice videography.

  2. I appreciate the creativity in showing the footage in reverse. The parts with the people I found to be more interesting than those with the fish.

  3. “What do you think?” It is good it was short, music should have been in reverse also for the full effect. I do appreciate all the videos by these guys, they’re out there doing it which is more than I can say for myself sometimes.

    1. Well, I guess I’m more of a forward person, rather than a backward one. Interesting: yes…sort of, enjoyable: no…not so much.

  4. pretty cool idea, the slow-mo of the fish were cool. could’ve really improved the vid if you played the whole thing forward at the end at double speed or something

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