Video Pro Tips—How to Set Up and Fish a 3-Nymph Rig

The latest video in the series “The Bank,” from Jensen Fly Fishing, offers instruction for more advanced nymphing skills and tactics. Terry Johnson—head guide at Fish Tales Fly Shop in Calgary, Alberta—demonstrates how to tie and fish a three-nymph rig for fishing the Bow River. Of course, you can adapt this to your own waters.

Here’s Dave Jensen’s description of the action:

This video’s title was supposed to be “Bow River Nymphing.” However, the title “38 Minutes” came as a result of Terry being incredibly economical with his instruction and demonstration. From the time we cracked the camera and drone cases to shoot Terry showing & discussing his Bow River nymphing set-up, through to demonstrating how and where to fish the nymphing rig (all completed with on-stream discussion/demonstration while landing three nice rainbow trout), the total time was 38 minutes. When you travel to fly fish, you always hope to meet a guide such as Terry, someone who is clear and concise with tactics that work. This is a great video to help you understand the basic Bow River nymph set-up. It’s a set-up you can use on most waters. It’s effective and hopefully this video encourages you to simply have a go. Trout will eventually give you some love if you stick to it and heed Terry’s advice.

As usual, aside from the how-to content, there are also some great fishing shots, including hook-ups seen from a drone.

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