Video: Beating Cabin Fever in March

Here’s a classic video from a Minneapolis creative agency called eleven. It’s the story of a single day in the middle of a tough winter for Midwestern anglers. They do a nice job of capturing how hard it is to wait for the spring you know will eventually come.

8 thoughts on “Video: Beating Cabin Fever in March”

  1. Great video really does sum it up well. Nice to see that Schultz Outfitters sticker at the tying bench. Great shop and great bunch of guys in Ypsilanti, MI.

  2. The photography is beautiful and the video captures the emotions of the long winter. This is expertly crafted!

  3. I have seen some work done by this videographer, Marko Zitzer, in the Minneapolis area lately. This artist is truly talented. This short video is a glimpse into his fresh ideas and how remarkably creative this young guy is. I also found his website: where it shows some of his other work. Way to go kid!

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