Video: Behind the Scenes of “Tributaries,” a Fly-Fishing Film

Last July, we introduced you to a film project by RC Cone called “Tributaries.” Cone described the project as “a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum, and a Viking-blooded Icelander.” The finished film was released on January 14th, and you can purchase it here.

Above is a cool behind-the-scenes video that Cone made to explain how we went about making the film, almost completely alone. It involved a lot of travel, a ton of shooting, and dealing with curveballs thrown by weather, fisheries, and equipment malfunctions.

Click here to buy the complete film.

Iceland’s landscape, light, people, and fish captured Cone’s imagination.
Photo by RC Cone

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